“I just wanted to say that we have had our solar panels active for about 2 months. The process was extremely easy for us from the beginning.  All we had to do is listen to Quenton present the information and help us choose the best solution.  Once we picked our solution, he took care of everything else, including getting all the necessary city permits and rebates. We have seen our electric bill drop about $100 and expecting a bigger drop now that we are getting more daylight."


“Very pleased with our solar panel system. They handled everything with the city with permits and construction. Quenton Keating was very helpful and knowledgeable. We are enjoying making that electric meter run backwards! Even with $0 down and financing the balance after the tax credits, our monthly energy bill savings more than pays for the monthly loan payment. Highly recommend these guys. My parents had their system installed as well.”


“Easy to work with from start to finish. Very helpful along the way, even when job is complete they are there to still support and answer questions.”


“This was an awesome experience! The staff both, representatives and installers were awesome! They were concerned about my needs and questions from start to finish! And now that it is complete, they are still easy to reach and they answer my questions. I truly feel that when they said call us anytime they meant it and I would recommend this company wholeheartedly to all my friends and family! If you want to go solar, this is the company to get you there!"


“I am positively surprised by how straight forward and painless the whole process of going solar is. I cannot consider this anything but a 5 star service.  It took a whole two days to get from 0 to producing solar power with full approval by the City.  Looking forward to seeing how much this system will provide value to our home (and the environment).  Highly recommended!”


“Once the city approved the installation, they finished in one day and my house was operating on solar power. With the two apps, I am able to control my thermostat from my phone and program it. I can also see how much energy my panels are producing and how much energy I'm using. It's a lot easier than I ever expected. Everyone from the sales staff to the business people to the installers were all very courteous and helpful.”


We live in Frisco, TX and we got our Solar Panels last fall. Quenton Keating was the sales representative who did an awesome job, guiding us through the whole process. Now I can see on our gas and electricity bill from CoServ, it is paying off. We receive electricity at night only. It would be even nicer if we were paid for what we are feeding back into the grid, but that might come later...


“Best decision me and my wife have ever made! Quenton's advice and encouragement was outstanding. I am so surprised at how quickly install was and how effortless they made it for us.”

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