If you are looking into solar and are not quite sure where to begin, you have landed upon the perfect place to learn more. Sunspot Solar is a turnkey solar provider that makes going solar easy! We work one on one with you to determine the solar solution that is right for you and your property based on a multitude of factors. 


We begin by evaluating your electric utility bill as it helps us determine how much power your home consumes and then we model your home in our software to determine your property's solar potential. We evaluate factors like geographic location, roof face direction, roof pitch, shading, wire runs, and equipment. Sunspot solar is typically able to achieve 100% utility bill offset, which means you no longer pay an electric bill! In some cases, our clients run negative electric bills!

Negative Bill Denton
2,500 sq ft home

The beauty of our program is that we can help you go solar for $0 down and no money out of pocket. Essentially, we are replacing your current electric bill with a smaller solar investment payment that helps you save thousands over time while simultaneously eliminating your homes electric expense long into the future! 

Reliant Bill Credit.jpg

Total Electric Charges    $27.92

5,000 sq ft home


Design Example.PNG


Production & Shading Reports.PNG

See if you qualify for a limited time solar cash rebate & a 26% federal investment tax credit and receive

a free solar proposal!