Sunspot solar can provide you and your organization with a solar investment portfolio. We work efficiently to get you what you need in order to determine if solar is right for you and your organization. We start by conducting a solar feasibility study. This includes evaluating your current kWh rate, property power consumption, rooftop and geographic location. Based on those factors alone we can provide you with a solar proposal outlining detailed financials including ROI & IRR.


We can also help you evaluate whether or not your organization qualifies for investment tax credits (ITC), Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), Utility Rebates, and the USDA Renewable Energy For America Program (REAP). We believe knowledge is power and our consultative approach is easy going and transparent. Find out if solar can help your company improve its bottom line today and every day after. 

Do you own a small rural business? Is your small business located in a town or village of 50,000 or less in population or does 50% of your gross income come from agricultural? If you answered yes to any of the above questions. You may qualify for the USDA REAP Grant Program. When you combine this Grant with tax credits and outside rebates. 60%-80% of your solar system could be paid for within the first 12 months. Find out if you qualify by filling out our questionnaire below. 


See if your organization qualifies for any grants or rebates and receive a free site feasibility study!