Sunspot Solar LLC, has been consulting homeowners and business owners on solar power since 2016. Sunspot Solar consultants have experience consulting in the California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, North & South Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Texas marketplaces. We believe that renewable energy should be affordable for everyone and we work every day to make sure that happens. If one of our consultants is knocking on your door or calling your office. It means that a once in a lifetime opportunity is available to help you harness the power of the sun for less than what you're currently paying your electric utility company!


We are helping homeowners and business owners go solar for $0 down and no money out of pocket! Essentially, we are replacing your current electric utility bill with a smaller solar investment payment that helps you save thousands over time while simultaneously eliminating your property's electric expense long into the future!


We handle everything from project feasibility to design, permitting, installation, inspection, and service. Our consultants have worked on solar portfolios for major food and beverage chains and new community home builders, are passionate about solar power, and have the experience to help you do it the right way! Call us today to see what solar can do for you!


All of our solar systems are designed by a PV Installation Professional. In qualifying states, we work with a certified Distributed Generation Installer. If you combine these certifications with our 30-hour construction Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) certification, advanced PV experience, and our familiarity with your local utility company, then you receive the best of what the solar industry has to offer!


Green - Clean Energy


Purple - Quenton Keating, owner and operator, earned his Bachelor of Science BA in Renewable Energy Resources from Western Illinois University and their primary color is Purple.


Yellow - Corn Belt for Midwest branches


Orange - Sunbelt for Southern branches